New disposable Mouth and Nose Face Masks in a pack of 10 from Trotec – manufactured and tested in Germany

More effective, more comfortable and less expensive – these are the features of the new high-quality disposable community masks from Trotec: Manufactured in Germany from first-class Meltblown filter fleece. With certified filter performance of 99.5% by the German test centre. You and your family can enjoy optimal protection for yourselves and those around you. Due to their perfect way in which they have been sewed and specially cut, the disposable mask do not require a metal nose clip. Elastic rubber bands ensure that the masks, supplied in packs of 10, fit perfectly without a feeling of pressure.


Our disposable Mouth and Nose Face Masks, manufactured in Germany, are made of a high-quality meltblown filter fleece, which is also used for the production of medical FFP3 respiratory masks. The test engineers of the German test centre fiatec Filter & Aerosol Technologie GmbH certify that the filter fleece used has a filter performance of 99.5% – conforming, of course, to DIN 71460-1 standards. In addition, our community masks have a special cut-out and are sewn perfectly such that a metal nose clip is unnecessary. The two elastic rubber bands guarantee the airtight and pressure-free fit of our community masks.

Benefit from the advantages in hygiene of the disposable community masks from Trotec

With our equally effective and inexpensive solution of disposable community masks, you avoid the daily hygiene problems that occur with self-sewn masks. This is because a disposable community mask from Trotec can be simply disposed of in a normal bin after use. This stands in stark contrast to a self-sewn makeshift mouth and nose face mask: according to all current hygiene recommendations, these must be washed in a washing machine at 90 °C or boiled in water on the hob for five minutes before being worn again. After all, the infectious aerosols produced by acutely corona-infected persons accumulate in the cloth fabric of the mask. A contaminated mask, however, does not protect anyone, but rather endangers the wearer themselves. After which it will then be infectious to all other people in the room who have not yet been infected!

Four of the many advantages I particularly like:

  • protection against airborne infections from aerosols for both oneself and those in one’s immediate surroundings
  • filter performance according to DIN 71460-1 0.3 µm > 99.5 % and 0.5 µm 100
  • filter material corresponding to the MeltBlown filter fleece according to standard FFP3
  • production and testing in Germany

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